Sunday, January 3, 2010

Covers and Plans

So the last few days, the band has been learning to cover some songs which include Another One Bites the Dust, Eye of the Tiger, Come Together, Let it Be, Smoke on the Water, Heart Shaped Box, Nutshell, Would, and Wipeout. We'll be performing all of these except for the Nirvana and Alice in Chains at St. Thomas Catholic Church on Dorchester Rd. on the 16th. It's going to be like a reception thing after a church service. Ken (our beloved drummer) goes to that church and his mom is organizing the program, so she got us in. (If you're reading this, thanks Mrs. Luengo!) A few of the covers still sound a bit rough, but we're working to improve them. I'm doing backup vocals on Let it Be and maybe Come Together. Both of those sound pretty good, but the others need work. We've been postponing our work on original material because we can only do covers at this church thing. We also had a talent scout who owns a venue randomly show up at our last practice. He offered us a gig at his place, which should be pretty cool, although I'm not sure I like his intentions. Oh well. As long as we get to play for people. We also spent a long time trying to think of a band name. So far our top picks are "Vision" and "Epic Epilepsy". I would have preferred "Mourning Would".
School tomorrow. blehg. Today, I'm going to stay home and finish up AP U.S. History work. I'm also going to write up my thesis topic. For my thesis, I want to take a bass guitar and modify it by adding on a neck with raised frets and sympathetic strings like the Indian sitar. It needs some planning still, but I think it can be done. And hopefully it will sound good enough at the end that I'll actually want to keep playing it. So I've written too much here because I haven't posted in a while. So I'm gonna restring my acoustic guitar now. I broke a string a while ago so I figure I might as well restring the whole thing since I have a whole other set of strings. Stay cool, world.

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